Practical Exercise 6 – Texture – Scraps


Paint: Pebeo acrylic – titanium white, Dulux paint samples – Overtly Olive, Dusted Fondant and Melon Sorbet
Tools: Daler-Rowney Short Flat 1” brush
Collage material: Victorian-style scraps, Anaglypta wallpaper, Pritt PVA glue
Support: Daler canvas panel, Winsor canvas board
Size: 25 x 17 cm (10” x 7”), 17 x 12 cm (7” x 5”)


Following discussion with my tutor I have been trying a series of smaller test pieces working around the theme of memory to try and bring more focus to this assignment.

For this piece I have been playing with the idea of ‘scraps’ of memory based around my childhood love of Victorian scraps. I wanted to try out the idea of scraps or fragments of memory and also capture the elusiveness of some memories by working with layers of household paint and wallpaper. I decided to work with colours used over the years in my childhood bedroom and a similar type of wallpaper.

Session 1

Initial attempt exploring texture with layers

Initial attempt exploring texture with layers

For the initial layer I used Dulux Overtly Olive paint and over this created a collage of Victorian-style scraps. This was covered with a layer of Dusted Fondant paint. Once dry I glued on a layer of cream Anaglypta wallpaper and this was then painted with a layer of Melon Sorbet paint.

Once the paint had dried I tore off pieces of the wallpaper. My idea was that the layers would peel away to reveal the scraps underneath but I hadn’t reckoned on the coverage and tenacity of the Dulux paint. Despite trying to remove areas of the paint the purple colour stuck fast.

Session 2

Second attempt using wallpaper and collage to explore layers and texture

Second attempt using wallpaper and collage to explore layers and texture

I decided to use a small acrylic board to rework the idea but this time I missed out the initial layer of paint. As a test piece this was more successful.


Technical and visual skills and quality of outcome – I wanted to explore a way to visually represent the idea of our memories as fragments, impressions of our experience. This idea has the potential to convey the way we keep some things hidden, reveal others and the randomness of what is hidden or revealed. In developing this I would need to consider more carefully how the work is approached noting, initially, the layout of the main image, using additional layers of wallpaper and being careful about how the paper is torn, a balance of making this look random while making decisions about what is revealed or kept hidden.

Demonstration of creativity and context – This is very much a test piece to play with the idea of texture and using different layers. I have used the scraps here to represent my own memories but need to think further about how I would convey them for a more developed piece. Possible options include using ephemera such as postcards and photos or painting objects or memories that have meaning for me or a mix of the two.