Assignment 3 – Practical Exercises

For Assignment 2, I worked with the theme of ageing. During that time my mother had become increasingly frail and the level of care meant that she had to go into a care home, which brought about its own anxieties and concerns. I had decided to work with the subject of ageing with the idea that it was so much a part of our lives that it was, in some ways, easier to think about than coming up with anything beyond what we had to deal with as a family on a daily basis.

In January 2018, mum passed away and I have found it very difficult to concentrate on coursework to any extent. I debated about continuing with the theme but, after a while, I decided to work with it and to use Assignment 3 to consider childhood memories. We were having to think about clearing the family home, something that brings back memories and raises emotions and having some other way to think about that, through work for the course, seemed to help.

For this assignment the brief involved the idea of Post Studio working, that is working outside the traditional studio environment. I started to think about an idea of creating something based on childhood memories and a book of sketches that I had made as a child. My research at that time got me thinking about a number of elements that I could use including:

  • Physically recreating scenes and objects from my childhood sketchbook which had been made up of drawings of ‘things that you find in the long grass’.
  • Using different mediums and materials to do this including painting, photography and using found materials.
  • Using a lo-tech Holga camera to document the resulting scenes with the idea of creating some kind of artists’ book with the look and feel of a family album.
  • The details of my research so far, and approach to the practical exercises and listed in the section Outside the Box. Links to the practical exercises, and Critical Review are given below.

Outside the Box – Developing the Theme of Ageing – / (Accessed on 25.06.18)

Things That You Find in the Long Grass – (Accessed on 25.06.18)

Practical Exercise 1 – Artwork – Bees – (Accessed on 25.06.18)

Practical Exercise 1.1 – Artwork – Bees –

Practical Exercise 2 – Photos – (Accessed on 25.06.18)

Practical Exercise 3 – Recreation of Sketchbook Scenes-

Practical Exercise 4 – Artwork – Picnic –

Practical Exercise 5 – Artwork – Map –

Practical Exercise 6 – Texture – Scraps –

Practical Exercise 7 – Texture – Leaves –

Practical Exercise 8 – Texture – Map –

Practical Exercise 9 – Texture – Face –

Assignment 3 – Critical Review –