Assignment 2 – Reflections

Based on feedback for Assignment 1 I had a number of aims for the second part of the course including:

Research and consider my own approach to studio practice. My approach to the first part of the course, partly due to the demands of family commitments, wasn’t ideal and I wanted to take on board the feedback from my tutor and establish a more robust practice. I spent time researching approaches to studio practice to try and find a more efficient approach. This has been useful. It is very much a work in progress but in choosing to work on a specific theme I found that it was easier to be more focused when undertaking research. Keeping an open mind while researching has also made me try out different techniques and be less focused on an end result. Instead I have tried to see where an idea takes me rather than anticipating a particular result.

Rethink the space I use currently for painting and see if I can make it a more practical place to work. This is ongoing. I currently work between a very small spare bedroom and the kitchen table. Neither are ideal but I have spent time reorganising the bedroom with the aim of making it much more of a workspace rather than a room which fulfils several purposes.

Experiment with a more balanced approach to theoretical research and practical work and try to read and research in a more questioning, critical way. This has been less successful. I am still doing a lot of contextual reading and note-taking which is useful but I need to find a way to feed this into the learning log on a more regular basis. I have been trying to consider the research more specifically in relation to my own practice and this has helped but I need to be thinking about this in a more critical way.

Consider, in more depth, themes and subjects that are meaningful to me and relate this to course work. Working on a theme of ageing has helped, not just as an approach to studio practice, but it is helping me to navigate through family circumstances which are still challenging and at times can seem overwhelming. The advice from my tutor to work the exercises around subjects meaningful to me was useful and is something I want to maintain.

Find more time for sketching and exploring more personal themes. This has been very limited. In addition to suggestions from the course manual I have been reading about Joseph Cornell and also the history of scrapbooking. There are ideas there that I would like to explore further in terms of assemblage and mixed media that I can see linking to some of the work on the theme of ageing, particularly the area of Possessions and Loss.

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