Assignment 2 – Practical Exercises

My aim for Assignment 2 has been to work with a specific theme and use this not only to explore the subject itself but as a way to establish more of a process in relation to my creative practice.

The theme I have worked with is ageing. Specifically I hoped to look closely at three aspects of this:

  • What happens as you get older – focusing on stains (from food)
  • Anxieties and Fears
  • Possessions/Loss

Ultimately covering three areas was, perhaps, an over ambitious aim and I have only managed to consider two, Stains and Anxieties and Fears, though I intend to revisit my initial ideas in relation to Possessions and Loss.

The details of my research and approach to the practical exercises are listed in the section Honing In. Links to the practical exercises are given below.

Honing In – Working with a Theme –

Practical Exercise 1 – Stains – Initial Exploration

Practical Exercise 2 – Clothing with Liquids

Practical Exercise 3 – Clothing with Foodstuffs

Practical Exercise 4 – Anxieties and Fears – Oil Pastels

Practical Exercise 5 – Anxieties and Fears – Acrylic

My reflections on the research and practical work for Honing In can be found in Assignment 2 – Reflections.